Electria Wind is a company specializing in the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of medium-size wind turbines.


Electria Wind  strives to become leader in medium-size wind power by boosting a new energy model based on energy resource efficiency and decentralization, being renewable energy the driving force of development.


Electria Wind wishes to bring power generation closer to points of consumption, thus avoiding high costs and losses in electrical transmission and distribution grid systems.


And along these same lines, Electria Wind wants to provide a totally new alternative for wind energy investment, occupying a complementary niche to large scale wind power.


  • * An alternative for wind energy investment
  • * New power model based on generation decentralization and self-consumption
  • * Strategy and development by means of industrial and business partner alliances with local partners that will build factories in different markets

Electria Wind

develops, manufactures and commercializes medium-scale wind turbines that incorporate state-of-the-art components to deliver the highest-quality electric power to the grid. The ability to directly connect the GARBI turbines to distribution grids, make them one of a kind in the market with these special features.

Contributing to energy sustainability

Up till now, there were no turbines of this type. With the design of this wind turbine model, Electria Wind's aim was to meet the needs of industry and of society, which were demanding new ways to harness the force of the wind, over and above the power provided by large-scale wind farms. A new stage is begins which opens up new possibilities: generate power in reduced-sized sites, affordable investments for the industry, small businesses and investors hence, enabling them to directly contribute to the planet?s sustainability.

Head Offices

Plaza de la Ciudad de Viena, nº6 28040 Madrid.
Tfno: +34 91 567 07 89
Fax: +34 91 571 01 92


Poligono Industrial Los Santos, 14900 Lucena (Córdoba)
Tfno: +34 91 567 07 89
Fax: +34 91 571 01 92